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Satellite Terminals

SatStation satellite terminals offer users satellite phone connectivity in a non-portable format.  Ideal for command centers, emergency operation vehicles, pilot houses, remote locations or any other situation where a fixed satellite phone is needed.

AdvanceTouch - Iridium 

The flexibility and convenience of touch screen technology has arrived to the mobile satellite phone marketplace. The SatStation AdvanceTouch - Iridium is an easy-to-use, compact desktop satellite phone. Its sleek, smart design and vivid color display allow it to be placed in any environment, and it is packed with features making it a useful tool for the most demanding users. The AdvanceTouch offers both privacy and conference call modes, and is powered by AdvanceTec, the leader in echo-cancellation and noise-filtering technology.

AdvanceMobile - Iridium PTT 

The AdvanceMobile is a complete in-vehicle communication system that requires ONLY activation on the Iridium Network. The AdvanceMobile can be pre-programmed to make and receive calls from up to 99 phone numbers, 10 PTT groups (updated over the air), GPS tracking anywhere, send pre set text messages to up to 10 phone numbers and receive and display 10 SMS/text messages (FIFO). An Emergency button is available which can be pre-programmed to communicate with Police, Fire or other Emergency Services. All these features combine to provide the safest and most convenient mobile management tool available. A Commercial grade, in-vehicle communication system, the AdvanceMobile will provide secure, reliable and convenient permanent in-vehicular communication.

- Hands-free PTT Communications
- 10 Push-To-Talk Groups, update over the air
- Pre-program calls to and from up to 99 phone numbers

- Pre-program text messages to up to 10 phone numbers

- Only an Iridium Network activation required

- GPS Tracking – Anywhere

- Emergency Push button (optional extra)

- Supports  Privacy Handset for noisy environments (optional extras)

- Made in the USA (Miami, Florida)

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