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Practical, Reliable, Affordable Products for Satellite Phone Users
9575 Desktop
Satellite Terminals
SatStation satellite terminals offer users satellite phone connectivity in a non-portable format.  Ideal for command centers, emergency operation vehicles, pilot houses, remote locations or any other situation where a fixed satellite phone is needed. Learn More...
Docking Stations
SatStation Docking Stations allow satellite phone users to bring the conversation indoors, onboard or below decks.  Designed with loud ringer/speakers and noise-canceling microphones, SatStation docks are ideal for the noisy environments most satellite phone useres operate in. Learn More...
Battery Chargers

SatStation Desktop Chargers come in single bay, four bay and twelve bay configurations. They not only charge and condition batteries guaranteeing a maximum charge every time. Learn More...

Solar Power

SatStation offers a variety of solar power products.  The ultra-powerful SolarBoost X is the flagship product.  It includes an internal lithium polymer battery, and can charge up most satellite phones 4-6 times before needing to be replenished by the sun. Learn More...


The SatStation EdgeMate is the ultimate connectivity companion for the Iridium Edge. Customer's looking to easily integrate Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) into their application can turn to the EdgeMate to power the Iridium Edge, control it, and interface with their system via ethernet cable, Wi-Fi, USB, or Can Bus.
Learn More...


SatStation products are always desgined with the end user in mind.  The SatStation goal is always to strike a balance between simplicity and features to create a product with proper functionality.


Quality in construction and asthetic in design, SatStation products are ideal for a variety of environments and are built to last.


In an industry riddled with inflated costs, SatStation has maintained a competive price point that allows users to take advantage of the solution they need without breaking the bank.

SatStation proudly partners with AdvanceTec Industries to bring the highest level of quality to market.  AdvanceTec is the global leader in the design and manufacturing of communications products and solutions for the wireless telecom, two-way radio and thermal imaging industries. AdvanceTec™’s cutting-edge research and development has earned it the coveted C.E.S. “Innovations in Design and Engineering” award for three years. Look for the "AdvanceTec Inside" logo on select SatStation products. - Manufactured in Miami, FL USA

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